Born under the sign of the lion, in a land where the lush green banks of the Blue and White Nile unite, Natu Nimuee not only discovered the light of the world but also the diverse beauty and nature of this earth. Growing up in the expanses of Africa, and the metropolises of Europe, her mother, an Ethiopian fashion model, and her father, who worked as a German engineer worldwide, she never let go of the fascination of the colors of this world. Capturing the beauty of nature in images, using light as a gift and tool, inspired by all this diversity, Natu decided to turn that passion into her profession. Multilingual and multicultural, she moved across the ocean to study in America at the New York Film Academy. The film study was practice-oriented and diverse, because she wanted to learn how she could combine technical knowledge with art in a craft.
    Natu’s love for photography led her to experiment with all areas of the media. Her expansive experience includes countless images from various sporting competitions, including difficult to capture football players and horse racers. Various German celebrities have also found their way in front of her lens, as well as politicians, athletes, and other memorable faces from the media industry, including Jürgen Klopp, Detlef D! Soost, Bruce Darnell, and many others. Always expanding her horizons, Natu has captured breathtaking images for several different industries, such as food, products, and architecture. Notably, Natu has filmed Schneider Optics, the manufacturer of high-performance lenses and supplier to Hollywood. She also captured Michelin, one of the world’s largest tire manufacturers, through the creation of her first documentary. Natu has worked in advertising capturing stunning photographs for a variety of companies. She has also worked as a newspaper photographer, rounding out her already impressive career.
    Just as Natu’s interests in photography vary, so do her other interests. Not only does she continue to make films, she also runs a website specializing in informative products such as eBooks, royalty free music, and video content designed to help people improve their lives. Natu produces radio plays, online courses and webinars. Her news project is a documentary called “Egyptenland”.