The Boss

We call her The Boss because… well, she’s the boss. Natu Nimuee is an entrepreneur. She is responsible for various aspects of our operation, including filmmaking, illustrations for books, creating courses, publishing multimedia products. Her experience ranges from documentaries to corporate films and commercials. Natu’s number one priority is helping people improve their lives. She is proud to be the CEO of a company that provides resources and online courses to thousands of customers around the world. When she has free time—which is very rare–you’ll find her playing retro games like Commodore 64 and Gameboy which appease her nostalgia for the ‘80s and ‘90s.

Graphic Designer

Carl Smith is an extremely talented artist, currently working as a freelance graphic designer. He works for companies of all sizes creating covers for eBooks, paperback and hardback books, and CDs and is well-known for his ability to use any visual medium to create beautiful images that make lasting impressions. Before joining our team, he was a successful package designer specializing in eye-catching designs that captivated consumers. In his free time, Carl loves to enjoy nature by going on hikes with his family. He uses the picturesque landscapes he discovers on these outings to inspire his creative designs.

Digital Marketer

Anna Jacob is a genius. And not just when it comes to digital marketing, but she can solve a crossword puzzle or finish a Sudoku puzzle faster than most people! That’s why we are so lucky to have her brain exploring the nuances of new web paradigms and interactions, understanding how social and digital channels operate and interact creating synergies, and all of that other really important digital marketing stuff none of the rest of us know anything about! She makes it super easy for people to find our website, and that’s just one of the reasons we’re so happy she’s on our team!


Amelie Stone has worked as a proofreader and editor for over a decade, working on thousands of manuscripts in that time. After earning a degree in English and Philosophy, she was an elementary school teacher for several years before becoming a freelance editor and writer. Some of the books she has contributed to have become best sellers. Amelie lives with her family in California, and when she’s not reading, you can find her soaring over the skies in a hot air balloon. She also holds a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership.

Content Producer

When looking through the lens of a video camera, Peter sees the world quite differently than most people. A former video journalist, his attention to detail and eye for thought provoking content, make Peter a true asset to our organization. As a Content Producer, Peter wears many hats and must know everything about—well, everything. While you’ll usually find him working on his next brilliant commercial video to promote our outstanding products, occasionally he will take a break to spend time with his dog Monty, a Poodle, whom he is proud to admit is his best friend. You might just see them at a local Competitive Dog Grooming competition where Monty is almost as fierce a competitor as Peter is!

Customer Support

Before she came to us, she was working in a call center agency for technical supports. Now, you’ll find her keeping busy with Microsoft Office applications, such as Word and PowerPoint. It’s safe to say she excels at Excel! In fact, she’s so good at multi-tasking, around the office we call her Ms. Octopus. When she is not drinking black tea with lots of sugar, and sending solutions and lost codes to customers, she loves cooking exotic meals and playing the contrabass, but mostly she loves quizzing in a pub, sharing her time with her friends.