Learn Egyptian Arabic Phrases: Weather #3

Learn Egyptian Arabic Phrases Weather

Learn how to ask about the weather in Egyptian Arabic

Lisa arrives at the Tahrir Square and then walks to the Quasr el Nile Bridge. Now, she stands on the bridge and looks at the colourful boats on the Nile that transport happy passengers. Most of the passengers dance to the loud music that comes from the music boxes on the little boats. On her left side, a man sells roasted corn, and on her right side, a man sells lupins. An Egyptian couple takes pictures and smile at Lisa. She looks at them and says, “Eneharda eg-Gau gamiil.

Learn Egyptian Arabic weather

The couple smiles and asks,”Daraget el Harrara hatkun kam bokra?” Lisa tells them that she doesn’t know.

Learn Egyptian Arabic weather tomorrow

The couple smiles at her and leaves. Lisa walks towards the Cairo Tower to stop a taxi. She gets in.

How to learn Egyptian Arabic fast

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