Learn Egyptian Arabic Phrases: Travel #9

Learn Egyptian Arabic Phrases Travel

Learn how to ask travel related questions in Egyptian Arabic

Lisa is in the train station and gets in line with a group of people standing in front of a ticket booth. She hears how the first person in the row who seems to be a foreigner asks the ticket seller, ”Where can I buy tickets?

Learn Egyptian Arabic tickets

The ticket seller tells him that only Egytians can buy a ticket here to Luxor and foreigners need to buy a ticket from a ticket office for foreigners. Lisa goes to the ticket counter and pays $100 for a ticket that goes from Cairo to Luxor. Lisa is told that she has to take the night train. She is a bit upset since she knows that Egyptian people only pay around 150 EGP. One hundred Dollars would be 1700 EGP. She gets her ticket and waits for her train. While waiting for her train, an Egyptian man asks her where she is traveling to. Lisa smiles and tells him that she will travel to Luxor to a friend who is getting married. The man enters his train, and the train leaves the station. Lisa has to wait for her train. She gets in and looks for her seat. After the train travels for four hours, a conductor wakes her up and asks her to show him her ticket. He asks her what she is up to in Luxor. She replies that she is invited to her friend’s wedding. The conductor smiles and Lisa asks him, ”What station do we get off at?

Learn Egyptian Arabic station

The conductor tells her that the train will arrive in six hours in Luxor.

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