Learn Egyptian Arabic Phrases: Shopping #7

Learn Egyptian Arabic shopping

Learn how to ask shopping related questions in Egyptian Arabic

Lisa and Laila arrive at a souvenir shop, but it’s closed. Lisa asks Laila, “El MeHall beyeftaH es-Sa3a kam?

Learn Egyptian Arabic shop

Laila looks at Lisa and tells her that the shop owner is praying in the mosque and will come in around 25 minutes. Both go to a nearby shisha cafe and order shisha and two black coffees. They talk about the beautiful places in Egypt that Lisa should visit. As they go to the souvenir shop, they see how the shop owner opens his shop. They enter the shop and look at the beautiful papyrus and the small pharaonic statues of Amun, Anubis, Horus, and Isis. Lisa is so excited that she cannot decide what to buy for herself and for her friends at home. A customer enters the souvenir shop. Lisa asks she shop owner what a papyrus and a small pharaonic statue costs. He says that a papyrus cost 50 EGP and a statue 80 EGP. the customer gets upset and tells the shop owner, “As3aar-ak ghalia.

Learn Egyptian Arabic prices

She leaves she shop with her friend Laila. Both walk two streets further to the next souvenir shop and ask there for the prices. This shop owner makes fair prices, and Lisa buys many souvenirs for herself and for her friends and family at home. Laila says goodbye to Lisa and takes a taxi home.

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