Learn Egyptian Arabic Phrases: Restaurant #2

Learn Egyptian Arabic Phrases Restaurant

Learn how to ask questions in a restaurant in Egyptian Arabic

Lisa enters the restaurant and takes a seat. The waiter comes to her table. She greets him, and then she tells him, “Momken tediini listet el Akl?

Learn Egyptian Arabic menu

She looks out of the window and sees a donkey carriage transporting vegetables. Lisa also sees five family members sitting on a motorcycle. Now, she looks at the menu and orders a black tea, a beef shawirma sandwich, and Kushari. Kushari is a carb-loaded dish of pasta, rice, noodles, lentils, and tomato sauce. Around half an hour later, the waiter brings her the food and the tea. Lisa enjoys the food. After she finishes, she calls the waiter because she wants to eats some desserts.
She asks him, “3and-oko Um 3ali au Mehalabeya au Kunaafa au Basbuussa?

Learn Egyptian Arabic kunafa

The waiter nods and replies that he has these desserts. Lisa orders Um Ali, Kunafa and Basbuusa. After ten minutes, he brings her desserts. Lisa listens to the music that is being played in the restaurant and enjoys the cooling wind from the air conditioner. She calls the waiter and asks, “How much is the bill?

Learn Egyptian Arabic bill

Lisa pays and leaves the restaurant to go to the hairdresser.

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