Learn Egyptian Arabic Phrases: Start a Normal Conversation #1

Learn Egyptian Arabic Conversation

Learn how to start a normal conversation in Egyptian Arabic

Lisa enters the Egyptian Museum, wandering through the overwhelming amount of ancient Egyptian artifacts. There are impressively large statues, mummy coffins, tombs, sphinxes, and Tutankhamun’s tomb collection including his stunning gold death mask that he was wearing when found. She pays 80 EGP per ticket for the museum plus 50 EGP for her camera for taking photos. Someone taps her shoulder. She turns around and sees an Egyptian looking man. Then she asks, “Ehna et’abilna abl keda?

Learn Egyptian Arabic have we met

He nods and replies that they are staying in the same hotel and talked once about Egyptian movies and actors like Adel Imam and Yousra. She remembers and says so. After she finishes visiting the museum, she goes outside in the street to find a restaurant. She asks a pedestrian if he knows where to find a restaurant. He says that he knows one, so Lisa asks him, “Momken tewsifli es-Sikka?

Learn Egyptian Arabic give me directions

He explains to Lisa the way, and she thanks him and goes to the restaurant.

How to learn Egyptian Arabic fast and with lots of fun

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