Learn Egyptian Arabic Phrases: Hygiene Products 4#

Learn Egyptian Arabic Phrases Hygiene Products

Learn how to ask about beauty and hygiene products in Egyptian Arabic

Lisa is in a taxi and asks the taxi driver, “Fen ec-Coiffeur?

Learn Egyptian Arabic hairdresser

During the trip, she sees jammed streets that are filled with too many cars and people. Almost every driver honks his horn, and together it becomes a honking symphony. The taxi arrives at a hairdresser. She pays the taxi driver and enters the salon. Lisa gets a coffee and a magazine. While her hair is being done, some people in the salon ask her where she comes from and if she likes Egypt. Lisa smiles and tells them that Egypt is such an interesting country. She pays and leaves the salon. Besides the salon, there is a small shop for beauty and hygiene products. She hears a customer say, ”Ana 3ayez ashterri Ma3guun Hela’a wa Makinet blastic.”


Learn Egyptian Arabic shaving cream

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