Learn Egyptian Arabic Phrases: Hotel #12

Learn Egyptian Arabic Phrases Hotel

Learn how to ask questions in a hotel in Egyptian Arabic

In the evening, Lisa calls a hotel and asks, “El Oda bekam fel Yom?

Learn Egyptian Arabic room

The manager replies that a single rooms costs $20 per night and a double room costs $30 per night. She asks him if she can come within one hour and get a single room. He agrees. Lisa arrives at the hotel, checks in, and goes to her room. Her room is decorated beautifully. She calls room service and orders typical Egyptian dishes and desserts like Kebab and Kufta, Mulukhhiya with chicken and rice and a dessert Um Ali.

Before she hangs up, she asks, “Emta wa’t el Fetaar, el Ghadda wa el 3asha?

Learn Egyptian Arabic breakfast

The room service worker tells her that breakfast begins at 9:00 am, lunch is at 1:00 pm, and dinner is at 6:00 pm. Lisa looks out of the window to the street and observes that people are still walking around at night, and the cars honk their horns again making a honking symphony. Lisa smiles, puts her earplugs in, and goes to sleep.

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