Learn Egyptian Arabic Phrases: Family and Friends #10

Learn Egyptian Arabic Phrases Family and Friends

Learn how to ask about family and friends in Egyptian Arabic

Lisa arrives at the Luxor train station. Her Russian friend, Olga, picks her up from the train station and drives her to her apartment. Olga orders a pizza. While waiting for the pizza, they talk about their Egyptian friend’s wedding. Lisa asks Olga, “Negiib anhi hadeya lel 3ariis wa el 3aruussa?

Learn Egyptian Arabic newlyweds

Olga laughs and tells her that they could go shopping in the morning and by a microwave oven for the newlyweds. The next day, they take the ferry to the other side of Luxor. On the other side of Luxor, they take a minibus to TV Street.
When they arrive at the location, they get out of the minibus and go into a shop for household supplies. Lisa and Olga look for the microwave oven and find it. Lisa and Olga share the bill and take the microwave oven with them. They go back to Olga’s apartment where they get prepared for Ahmed’s wedding. At the wedding, they go to the newlyweds, give them their best wishes, and give them the present. At the wedding, Lisa meets an old friend, Karim, and he asks her, “Momken tediini raqam Mobail-ak?

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Lisa agrees and asks him if he wants to spend the day with her in Luxor. He agrees.

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