Learn Egyptian Arabic Phrases: Bureaucracy #8

Learn Egyptian Arabic Phrases Bureaucracy

Learn how to ask bureaucracy related questions in Egyptian Arabic

Lisa needs to go to the embassy. She is standing in front of a shop,waiting for a taxi. In the meanwhile a man comes and stands beside her. She looks at him and asks him where he needs to go and he says, “Ana lazim aruuH es-Sifaara.

Learn Egyptian Arabic embassy

Around 20 minutes later, they arrive at the embassy. She stands in a line and when it’s her turn, the person behind the glass asks her, “Momken timli el Bayanaat?

Learn Egyptian Arabic registration form

Lisa asks if this is the line to extend visas. The person tells her no, and Lisa looks for the correct line. When it’s Lisa’s turn, she fills in the correct form for the visa extension and pays the fees. Then she leaves the embassy.

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