Learn Egyptian Arabic Fast and Easy

Learn Egyptian Arabic Fast and Easy

Welcome to the most thorough and value-packed language learning tool available online, our new webinar on how to Learn Egyptian Arabic Fast and Easy – Entertaining content with Real Life conversations.

This webinar is designed to teach Egyptian Arabic to a broad range of students, including those who know nothing of the language to those who just need a basic refresher. Additionally, it is also very helpful for students of Modern Standard Arabic who want to explore the most well-known Arabic dialect in the Arab world. Our fun and engaging webinar will not only allow you to learn the language at your own pace, you will have the opportunity to ask questions and interact with the instructors. If you’d like to be fluent in Egyptian Arabic or just speak to natives on vacation, this webinar lets you decide how much you want to learn and provides you with the content you need to be successful right from the start.

Egyptian Arabic is the most widely understood Arabic dialect in the Arab word, thanks to the well-established music, TV, and film industry there. You’ll keep hearing Egyptian Arabic on TV and the radio. People all over the Arab world will be able to understand you easily. Egyptian Arabic is an Arabic dialect and not a language like Arabic FusHa, and it is delivered from the parents to their children. Therefore, you will not find many helpful resources for learning Egyptian Arabic. So my team and I took the challenge and made this  unique online course.

With this online course you’ll be speaking Egyptian Arabic already after just a few lessons.

Not only will students who study Modern Standard Arabic benefit from learning Egyptian Arabic but also this following target audience:

  • People who want to marry an Egyptian person
  • Tourists who visit Egypt on their holidays
  • Retirees living in Egypt and enjoying the Oriental lifestyle
  • Archeologists working at the pyramids or temples
  • People working at hotels, schools or at big companies

When you speak Egyptian Arabic to Egyptian people, you’ll signal them that you appreciate them and respect their culture. Then you’ll be in a great position to take advantage of the friendly, outgoing nature of most Egyptians because you are interacting with them in an open, interested, friendly way.

Beginner's Level Webinar

Duration: 8 weeks, Euro 47

Have you always wanted to learn Egyptian Arabic? Now you can learn Egyptian Arabic the fun, easy way in our new eight-week Beginner’s Level Webinar. This webinar is designed for students who know little or no Egyptian Arabic or those who need a refresher in Egyptian Arabic. You will learn how to greet someone, how to say your name and introduce yourself to someone, how to tell someone your nationality and profession, how to count from 1-100, how to tell someone the time, and even how to tell someone when your birthday is and your zodiac sign. After completing this Beginner’s Level Webinar, you will have a solid foundation and be able to speak Egyptian Arabic on a very basic level. Each weekly lesson is accessed via Skype or another communication system. You’ll be given time to practice the lessons with the tutor. All videos are spoken by different native egyptian people, and this is will help you train your ears to understand Egyptian Arabic even faster. With this Beginner’s Level Webinar, you’ll be speaking Egyptian Arabic after just a few lessons!

1st Week 

1.1 Greetings and other Important Expressions in Egyptian Arabic I

1.2 Greetings and other Important Expressions in Egyptian Arabic II

1.3 Some Common Expressions for Addressing Someone in Egyptian Arabic

2nd Week

3.1 Subject Pronouns

3.2 Possessive Pronouns

3.3 Object Pronouns

4.1 Question Words: What/From Where/How Much?

5.1 What Is Your Name?

3rd Week

6.1 Where Do You Come From?

6.2 Nationalities

7.1 What Is Your Profession?

7.2 Jobs

4th Week

8.1 Masculine and Feminine Words + Possessive Pronoun Suffixes

9.1 Body Parts with Possessive Pronoun Suffixes

5th Week

10.1 Numbers from 1-10

10.2 Numbers from 1-100

10.3 Numbers: 100-1000

10.4 Fractions

6th Week

10.5 Days of the Week

10.6 Months of the Year

10.7 What time is it?

7th Week

11.1 The Verb: to have

12.1 How Old Are You?

12.2 When Is Your Birthday?

12.3 What Is Your Zodiac Sign?

Intermediate Level Webinar

Duration: 11 weeks, Euro 67

Are you looking to improve your Egyptian Arabic? You’ve got the basics down, but now it’s time to take your skills to a new level? Then, this Intermediate Level Webinar is the one for you! It is recommended that students who take this webinar have either taken our Beginner’s Level Webinar or know some basic Egyptian Arabic already as well as the Arabic alphabet. In this eleven-week webinar, you’ll learn almost 30 important verbs in different tenses and more than 25 different adjectives and adverbs. Additionally, you will learn the main Egyptian Arabic grammar including: feminine words with and Without Ta-marbuuTa; dual nouns; a pair of things; broken plurals; regular masculine and feminine plurals; foreign loanwords, as well as common conjunctions and particles in Egyptian Arabic. When taking this Intermediate Level Webinar, you’ll be able to explain what your (or someone else’s) hobbies are, what they eats and drinks and what their profession is. In this webinar, you will also learn what items are called in various categories including: animals, clothes, bathroom, bedroom, cleaning supplies, kitchen utensils, kitchen and living room. Upon completion, you will understand Egyptian Arabic grammar, increased your vocabulary, know how to conjugate verbs and how to correctly use adjectives and adverbs. All videos are spoken by different native egyptian people, and this is will help you train your ears to understand Egyptian Arabic even faster. With all of these skills you will be able to hold a successful conversation in Egyptian Arabic. Additionally, you will get online access to practice verbs, adjectives and vocabulary.

1st Week

14.1 Verb Tenses in Egyptian Arabic

14.2 Active Participles

2nd Week

15.1 Feminine Words with and Without Ta-marbuuTa

15.2 Dual Nouns, a Pair of Things, Broken Plurals

15.3 Regular Masculine and Feminine Plurals, Foreign Loanwords

3rd Week

16.1 Common Conjunctions and Particles in Egyptian Arabic

17.1 Forming Question in Egyptian Arabic

4th Week

21.1 The Family Members

22.1 Present Continuous + Imperfect

22.2 Facts About People

5th Week

19.1 Using the Egyptian Arabic Negation

22.3 What Are Your Hobbies?

6th Week

23.1 General Rules for Numbers

23.2 Using Numbers in Different Situations

24.1 The First – the Tenth

7th Week

25.1 Adjectives

25.2 Using Colours in Everyday Life

25.3 Adjectives: Hungry, Thirsty, Tired, Cold, Warm, Happy, Upset

8th Week

27.1 Using Prepositions

28.1 Using Adverbs in Everyday Life

9th Week

29.1 Masculine and Feminine Adjectives

29.2 Comparative and Superlative Adjectives

33.1 Ways to Express Possession: 3and-, li-, ma3a-

10th Week

31.1 Animals

31.2 Clothes

31.3 Bathroom

31.4 Bedroom

11th Week

31.5 Cleaning Supplies

31.6 Kitchen Utensils

31.7 Kitchen

31.8 Living room

Advanced Level Webinar

Duration: 10 weeks, Euro 67

This Advanced Level Webinar is for intermediate learners who are able to speak with a fair degree of fluency in Egyptian Arabic on topics related to daily life. Wouldn’t it be great if you really did almost sound like a native speaker when you interact with people using Egyptian Arabic? Now you can! In this ten-week webinar, intense, yet entertaining, lessons will take your Egyptian Arabic to the next level. You will learn around 250 useful phrases in 12 daily situations that you can use when talking to Egyptian people. Topics include: restaurant, weather, beauty and hygiene products, time, shopping, bureaucracy, travel, family and friends and hotel. This Advanced Level Webinar aims at developing oral communication skills by presenting daily life situations through dialogue that a foreigner living in Egypt is likely to encounter while doing the following activities: buying vegetables, fruits, poultry and meat; asking for medicine in a pharmacy; taking a taxi, mini-bus or ferry; ordering food in a restaurant; buying items in a store; visiting a physician and a dentist; having a conversation with different people in the check-in area and gate at an airport. Many of these lessons are brought to you by your animated guide, Little Giraffe, whose conversations at a high level with various characters are both entertaining and informative. Additionally, you will get access to online practice lessons on verbs, adjectives and vocabulary. All videos are spoken by different native egyptian people, and this is will help you train your ears to understand Egyptian Arabic even faster. Don’t wait any longer! Start your online course now, and take your Egyptian Arabic to the next level!

1st Week

Unit B

1.1 – A Normal Conversation

1.2 – A Normal Conversation

2nd Week

2 – Restaurant

3 – Weather

4 – Beauty and Hygiene Products

3rd Week

5 – General Sentences

6 – Time

7 – Shopping

4th Week

8 – Bureaucracy

9 – Travel

10 – Friends and Family

5th Week

11- Common Questions

12 – Hotel

6th Week

20.1 Food, Beverages and Herbs Part 1

20.2 Food, Beverages and Herbs Part 2

20.3 Food, Beverages and Herbs Part 3

7th Week

Unit C

The Little Giraffe visits Egypt Part 1 (Animated Characters)

8th Week

The Little Giraffe visits Egypt Part 2 (Animated Characters)

9th Week

The Little Giraffe visits Egypt Part 3 (Animated Characters)

10th Week

The Little Giraffe visits Egypt Part 4 (Animated Characters)


Unique Webinar: This is the only Egyptian Arabic webinar currently available with these dimensions that cover so many topics. In order to get similar learning results, you would need to either live for many years in Egypt to learn Egyptian Arabic, or you would need to pay lots of money to a private teacher to learn all this within approximately one to two years. In this brand new webinar, everything is explained in English. Additionally, we used our own transcription to make it easy for you to read Egyptian Arabic words and sentences.

Fun and entertaining: There are some books on the market that teach you some basic Egyptian Arabic, but do you really want to study from boring books? Most people learn best when interacting with their instructor and asking questions. In this webinar, you can learn Egyptian Arabic from an engaging, entertaining instructor who cares about your results. The benefit of learning from webinars is that you can interact with the instructor, and therefore, learn much faster. Learning should be fun and easy.

Lower total cost: This webinar provides you with everything you need in order to start learning Egyptian Arabic fast and easy. Since you don’t need to buy additional materials, like textbooks, CDs, Mp3s or anything else, this webinar is a very affordable opportunity to learn Egyptian Arabic. Besides, there are also no traveling costs or any other costs. You’ll get everything you need from our professional Egyptian Arabic language instructor.

Convenience and flexibility: You don’t have to fly to Egypt to learn the language spoken there. You can learn Egyptian Arabic from the comfort of your own home. You can submit questions to your instructor and be certain you will receive a quick reply that will help you improve your skills. Our instructors are here to help you! All of these benefits lets you balance your work and family commitments with your education.

How to apply for the Webinar

1. Please contact the Support (support@natunimuee.com) if you want to apply for this upcoming webinar!

The next webinar is scheduled to begin in April, 2020. We will post updates as they become available on this page and email interested students. Please check back frequently for more information.