Is it easy to go from studying Modern Standard Arabic to an Arabic dialect?

I know MSA! How easy can I learn an Arabic dialect?

If you already know Modern Standard Arabic well, it won’t be so hard to pick up an Arabic dialect. You’d need to learn the ways in which the dialect’s grammar differs from Modern Standard Arabic, as well as common colloquial words. You would simply need to expose yourself to the dialect. Start listening to songs, watch movies, talk to people and listen to what they say.

Start Learning Egyptian Arabic now

Even if you’ve learned Modern Standard Arabic studying an Arabic dialect will be a lot of work because grammar and vocabulary are totally different. If you want to learn Egyptian Arabic, we have a solution for you! In order to have a good foundation with Egyptian Arabic, use our online course, Learn Egyptian Arabic Fast and Easy. Our exciting webinar explains Egyptian Arabic grammar step-by-step and also makes your ears used to Egyptian Arabic with our native speakers. Then, you’ll be able to watch TV series, movies, and listen to the radio and understand what native speakers are saying! In the complete webinar, all Egyptian Arabic words and sentences are spoken very clearly and slowly. Additionally, you will not only conjugate 30 verbs in different tenses, but also learn around 250 useful phrases in 12 daily situations, 250 food items, and much more! At the end of this course, you will enjoy a story with animated figures speaking in real-life conversations. Learn Egyptian Arabic the fun way.